About GC Heritage

Operating under these time-tested values of excellence, GC Heritage Sdn. Bhd. is committed to working to the highest possible standards. This can be measured by the attention to detail, timeliness of delivery, and enduring quality of their projects. The services provided by GC Heritage includes construction,
renovation, restoration, interior design, plumbing, lighting & space design.

About GC Heritage

Founded on the 8th of June 2016, by Dallan Cheah, GC Heritage Sdn. Bhd has served our clients by providing them with meticulously planned solutions that deliver capital efficiency and project certainty.

Committed to fulfilling our vision of becoming the best local company to speedily delivery high-quality homes within the next 5 years, our exceptionally skilled people, broad knowledge, passion for excellence, attention to detail and vast network of resources enable us to strive ahead with confidence.

Driven by our core values, our streamline team of 18 employees has also partnered up with Hutec Sdn. Bhd. – a company that focuses on Customised
Lighting and Lighting control system – in order to perfectly provide and tailor ingenious, efficient and sustainable solutions for our clientele that spans the
entire duration of a project’s life cycle.

Building Better, Faster



To become the local best choice in delivering speedy, high quality homes and construction within the next 5 years.



To expand our building repertoires to new bungalow homes and take part in local Penang Council Work.



We prioritize precision and do not compromise on quality. Every material used in our projects is handpicked and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

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“I’m a Spartan.”

Passionate, meticulous and with a ‘never say die’ attitude, Dallan Cheah is the embodiment of determination and perseverance. Having graduated from Full Sail University in 1995, his background in Audio Design and Filming had managed to engrained ‘attention to detail’ and ‘meticulous planning’ into his very core. A trait that helped him immensely when Dallan decided to pursue his true passion in the construction industry.

Upon his return to Malaysia in 2016, Dallan Cheah undertook several small scale restoration projects as a hobby before he was offered a chance to undertake a small contract with World Class Land (a Singapore based company) in order to restore and extend the back half of a two-level house. Needless to say, Dallan took the plunge, delivered exemplary results in the span of only 5 months and the rest was history.